Lead Us Not Into Temptation
Rev. Roland A. Ludlam
Psalm 27 teaches how to more deeply pray, "Lead us not into temptation." In this song, David shows us how to truly seek God's protection and direction for our life journey.
Forgive Us Our Trespasses
Rev. Roland A. Ludlam
Jesus taught us to pray: "Forgive us our trespasses..."  David's Song of Forgiveness tells us why we should make God's offer of forgiveness our first priority every day.

Our Daily Bread
Rev. Roland A. Ludlam
David reminds us that the LORD is our Provider of our daily bread on our life journey. How do we experience His provision? Through His Holy Spirit who guides us on our way.

Out with the Old, In with the New - Living through the Power of Christ
Rev. Robert Awil
Identifying ourselves with Christ is not a "one and done" moment. It does not end with a decision, but it begins with a new identity.

Psalm 24: Your Kingdom Come
Rev. Roland A. Ludlam
Jesus taught us to pray: "Your Kingdom come, Your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven." Psalm 24 points the way for us to make that a reality in our lives.

Our Father: Psalm 8
Rev. Roland A. Ludlam
We live in a world filled with selfies. But David challenges us to see ourselves as part of God's selfie. When we do, we discover that He has even bigger plans for us than we could have ever imagined.

Call to Exodus: Psalm 1
Rev. Roland A. Ludlam
This Sunday we are beginning a new series on the Psalms. We begin with Psalm 1 and its call to Exodus out of the deception and wickedness of this world and into God's New Creation.

Rev. Roland A. Ludlam
To have a story you have to live a story. And once you do, you can share it with your world. The women who came to Jesus' tomb on Easter morning did just that. And we can do the same as we experience Jesus' resurrection life.

All In
Rev. Roland A. Ludlam
What does it mean to be "all in"? A poor widow shows us the answer when her tiny offering turns out to be of greater value than those of the rich and famous.

Healing Faith
Rev. Roland A. Ludlam

Rev. Roland A. Ludlam
Luke introduces us to what it truly means to be a disciple. He does so by introducing us to a woman named Joanna who put into action Jesus' teachings and shows us how to choose the greater Kingdom.

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Rev. Roland Ludlam
What's the best way to overcome sin and moral corruption? Quarantine or forgiveness? Jesus points the way in a story with a dramatic encounter and a totally unexpected outcome.

Thumbs Up!
Rev. Roland Ludlam
This sermon is the first in our 2015 Easter series. In it we see how God used two unlikely women to bring about the supreme act of deliverance for us all.

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Rev. Roland Ludlam
What's your endgame? How do you want to be remembered? Jesus tells a story in which He shows us that God entrusts us with time and talents to assure that our endgame brings us into the win column.

Uh Oh!
Rev. Roland Ludlam
God's Kingdom is coming, but are you ready for it when it arrives? Jesus tells a story about a group of bridesmaids: some of them were ready for the festivities, but others were not. What will you need to do to be sure that you are ready for Him?

Rev. Roland A. Ludlam
Jesus tells a story about guests who were invited to the wedding of the king's son. Their failure to R.S.V.P. properly costs them everything. God has invited you to become part of His New Creation. How will you R.S.V.P.?

Whose Garden?
Rev. Roland Ludlam
Jesus tells a story that raises a most important question: Is our life our own, or do we belong to Him?

Fair Share
Rev. Roland Ludlam
Did you know you are wired for fairness? So what happens when things aren't fair? And what happens when someone -- like God -- is too generous? Jesus tells a challenging story that helps us understand what it means to receive our "fair share" in God's Kingdom.

All Is Forgiven
Rev. Roland Ludlam
Building on the good foundation of Jesus' words means learning to put the kind of forgiveness that God offers us into practice in our daily lives. Jesus tells an unforgettable story to make just that point.

When Things Don't Go According To Plan
Andrew Zemianek

Storm Warning!
Rev. Roland Ludlam
A building is only as good as its foundation. Jesus warns us that we dare not build our lives on anything less than His Word. Only then will we be able to withstand the storms of life.

Rev. Roland Ludlam
Jesus' birth marked Day One in God's New Creation. a prophet named Simeon announced God's coming to God's People, Jew and Gentile. The challenge to us is to be sure we are living in God's new Day.

The Word Made Flesh
Rev. Roland Ludlam
John's Christmas Story takes us all the way back to Creation and all the way forward to God's New Creation. But in order for God to come and set us free, He had to become flesh and blood: the Word made flesh.

Immanuel -- God With Us
Rev. Roland Ludlam
Matthew's Christmas Story tells us what it means for God's long  awaited King to come home to His people. The King's coming is announced by a sign, and how we respond to that sign says alot about how we will respond to the King.

Savior, Christ the Lord
Rev. Roland Ludlam
Luke's Christmas Story anchors Jesus' birth in the complex world of His time. Even His titles meant different things to different people. In order to live out Luke's Christmas Story, we, too, must make Him Savior and Lord in every aspect of our lives.

You Are My Son
Rev. Roland Ludlam
Did you know that Mark tells the Christmas Story? Each gospel does so in a unique way. As the first gospel to be written, Mark reminds us that Christmas starts in the wilderness and reveals the Son of God.

Promised Land
Rev. Roland Ludlam
John brings us home to the Promised Land. And when we arrive, we find ourselves with the One Who is both the Beginning and the End, learning that the End is not an event, but a person.

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