Rev. Roland A. Ludlam
Our society entices us to believe that we are meant to be a Society of One, defined by no one but our own Self. But is that all there is to being human? Are we never meant to be more than a succession of Selfies?

The Choice
Rev. Roland A. Ludlam
God presents us with a choice: will we embrace His offer of Life, or will we seek to run the world ourselves. The secret to God's Shalom is to seek Life.

God's Gardeners
Rev. Roland A. Ludlam
Did you know that you are one of God's gardeners? Just like He gave Adam and Eve work to do in the Garden of Eden, He gives you and me the creation work of tending and guarding the sacred space in us and our relationships where He chooses to dwell. You are God's gardener.

The Seventh Day
Rev. Roland A. Ludlam
Day Seven in the Creation Story is the Big Day. Why? Because it's the day that God moves into the neighborhood. And that means He is here for you in your faith journey.

Sermon Series: Shalom
Andrew Zemianek
Sermon Series on Shalom

Taming Sea and Sky
Rev. Roland A. Ludlam
How does God make a house a home? He makes it a place of peace -- shalom. See how taming sea and sky are so essential to finding His peace.

Rev. Roland A. Ludlam
Times like these call for peacemakers -- those who bring God's shalom to the chaos of our world.

The Gift of Time
Rev. Roland A. Ludlam
How do we find God's peace, God's Shalom? The Creation Story tells us that our search begins with God's gift of Time. It is only when we make our time God's Time that we find Shalom.

Creation: the Secret to Shalom
Rev. Roland A. Ludlam
God's peace is much more than the absence of strife. It describes the fullness of life that God intends for each of us. How do we find that kind of peace? We start with the beginning of the story: Creation.

Swimming With Bears
Rev. Roland A. Ludlam
How do you swim with bears? Very carefully, if you want to get past them and fulfill your mission. Paul learns to swim with bears in his time of greatest success and greatest danger.

Dirty Water
Rev. Roland A. Ludlam

Jumping the Rapids
Rev. Roland A. Ludlam
God has called us to take the stories of this world and make them life-sized. We do that when we provide God's Beginning and God's Conclusion to the stories of our lives and our world.

The Swamp
Andrew Zemianek

Against the Flow
Rev. Roland A. Ludlam
One healing; two stories. Paul and Barnabas must decide whether to go along with the world around them or swim against the flow. It's a decision that you must make every day if you are following Jesus.

The Great Reversal
Rev. Roland A. Ludlam
We are called to take a God-shaped journey -- one that runs against the current of the world around us. To take that journey is to join in God's Great Reversal and find the way to fulfill God's purpose for our lives.

Follow Me
Rev. Roland A. Ludlam
Peter's story of failure is turned upside down when he has breakfast with Jesus. Learn how your story can be turned around as well!

Gone Fishin'
Rev. Roland A. Ludlam
A failed fishing expedition opens the door to understanding how we can truly be the difference in our world.

Rev. Roland A. Ludlam
The assignment to announce the truest and deepest identity of Jesus falls to an unlikely person. If a doubting pessimist can move from seeing to believing, then you and I can move from believing to seeing.

New World
Rev. Roland A. Ludlam

Martha's Kitchen
Brother Bob Begley

The Resurrection and the Life
Rev. Roland A. Ludlam
What does God really look like? Where do we see His splendor and glory? John takes us on a dangerous and unlikely journey in order to prepare us for Easter and to give us a glimpse of the glory of God.

Light of the World
Rev. Roland A. Ludlam
What's it like to experience your First Day of Light? More complicated than you may have thought, but worth it all when you come face to face with the One who is the Light of the World!

Bread of Life
Rev. Roland A. Ludlam
Every day we face two tests: The Test of Need and The Test of Plenty. In each test we have to decide whether we should focus on WHAT we think we need, or WHO it is that is the real source of Life! Find Him and you discover the Bread of Life.

The Great Trapeze
Pastor Robert Awil
Jesus performed a healing on the Sabbath day, a day in which no work should be done. Why would Jesus consider doing a miracle on the Sabbath? Tune in to find out!

What's your sign?
Andrew Zemianek
John 4, The Nobleman's Son

Running on Empty
Rev. Roland A. Ludlam
We all know what it's like to be running on empty. Could it be that those situations are just the place where Jesus shows the splendor and love of God in our lives?

Seeing the Sun
Rev. Roland A. Ludlam
No one has ever seen God, but when Jesus came, God became one of us. The result: we can see God for Who He truly is.