Travel Guide
Rev. Roland Ludlam
Every journey needs a Travel Guide to help us meet our needs, find our way, and travel safely. Listen to how King David introduces us to the only reliable Travel Guide for our Exodus Journey.

Truth or Consequences
Rev. Roland Ludlam
Truth doesn't always seem to work very well in our broken world. Jesus points us to a whole new way of speaking and living as true reflections of our Creator.

God's New Normal
Rev. Roland Ludlam
When it comes to marriage, we are all too used to the old normal of this broken world. Not Jesus! He points the way to a whole new way of being what God made us to be in the first place. Call it "God's New Normal."

Eye Teaming
Rev. Roland Ludlam
Adultery is a story with a beginning and an ending. Jesus warns us not to let the story ever get started. To do so means that we see members of the opposite sex not as objects but as reflections of God's image in this world.

God's Gift of Marriage -- Matthew 5:27
Rev. Roland Ludlam
We've all heard the command: "You shall not commit adultery." But to truly understand its meaning we must know what marriage is from God's point of view. Once we grasp God's purpose in marriage, then we can discover how to bring His life and love into our world and find forgiveness for the ways we have failed.

Journey of the Generations
Pastor Michael Oldham
As Fathers there are three gifts that we can and should give our children. The gift of the Word, of prayer, and of faithfulness and staying power.

Don't squash the Woolly Bear
Pastor Mike Oldham
Having a right relationship with God means that we must have right relationships with each other. Squashing the Woolly bear, or hurting other people violates God's heart and damages the Image Bearer.

Woolly Bear Theology
Pastor Roland
What can the Woolly Bear teach us about how we can enter God's Kingdom? It turns out that the  caterpillar's journey from inching across the pavement to flying above the trees as a Tiger Moth is a wonderful picture of the deep change that God works in us, if we will trust Him enough to let it happen.

Pass the Salt...and Leave the Light On!
Pastor Roland

Jesus calls to be salt and light. That means we are to preserve what is good in God's Creation and shine the light of His presence into its dark places. When we do, we fulfill our purpose as people made in His image.

The Path to God's Kingdom
Pastor Roland
The path to God's kingdom takes us through the door of not only His justice, but also of His mercy. Only then can we become His true children.

Blessed are the Poor in Spirit
Pastor Roland

Life is a "needy" proposition. To truly discover God's New Life, we need to begin by being willing to be needy. Only then will His blessings come.

Kingdom Near, Kingdom Here
Pastor Roland

Matthew 4:12-1

The New Covenant Exodus
Pastor Mike

Jesus is living out the Exodus story for all to see and in doing so imparts new meaning into two very old remembrances for the people of God. The passover bread and the parting of the sea.

Seeing Is Believing
Pastor Roland
God's resurrection of Jesus is a story affirmed by eyewitness testimony. The big question is whether the eyewitness's seeing is adequate for your believing!

The Jesus Mindset
Pastor Roland
Jesus came to Jerusalem as God's King. So how would he make his entrance? The answer to that question points the way to how we are called to live in this world. Call it the Jesus Mindset.

Focus for the Journey
Pastor Gus Tidlund
Focus is important for the Journey…any journey. Where are you going? How do you get there?

Joy for the Journey
Pastor Roland

Therefore! Be stars in the Universe
Pastor Mike
We are called to shine like stars in the universe, rolling back the darkness that pervades this world. That comes at a price. In rolling back the darkness, there are times more often than not where we are standing in stark contrast to this world.
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Creator's Journey
Pastor Roland
How to fix a marred and defaced Creation? Paul takes us on the Creator's Journey to show us not only how Jesus restored God's Image, but how you and I become an integral part of God's work of restoration.

Against the Flow
Pastor Roland
Paul calls us to dare to take a journey that goes against the flow. To make it happen, we share the journey with others and learn to depend on God's love.

Taming the Snake
Pastor Roland
Where does salvation come from? From the gods we make for ourselves, or from the Creator of the world? The people of Philippi were about to find out, when Paul and his team silenced the Underworld with the Name of the world's true Savior.

Pastor Roland
What does it take to build a great team? Luke shows us how God built a world-changing team to bring the Good News to the world. God is doing the same today. Are you on the team?

Go West, Young Man!
Pastor Roland
God always has a plan vastly bigger and more creative than anything we can imagine. If we are willing to seek His Presence, He will equip us as He did Paul when Paul received the order to "Go west, young man!"

Give me double
Pastor Mike
There is a biblical principle of the next generation taking the mission of God forward in the same power as the last, just with a different purpose.

The Test of Plenty
Pastor Roland
Life presents us with 2 tests: the Test of Want and the Test of Plenty. The second test is always the harder of the two. Moses shows us how to be sure to pass the Test of Plenty.

Pastor Roland
Each of us has a "preferred outcome" for the things that happen in our lives. The key to attaining the truly preferred outcome is found only in keeping and remembering God's commands.

Stewardship From the Kingdom Perspective
Pastor Gus
We are all stewards or caretakers of the resources that God has placed in our care: Our money, our time, our relationships, our skills and gifts. We have a responsibility to God and will answer for how we have used these resources that He has placed in our care