The Word Made Flesh
Rev. Roland Ludlam
John's Christmas Story takes us all the way back to Creation and all the way forward to God's New Creation. But in order for God to come and set us free, He had to become flesh and blood: the Word made flesh.

Immanuel -- God With Us
Rev. Roland Ludlam
Matthew's Christmas Story tells us what it means for God's long  awaited King to come home to His people. The King's coming is announced by a sign, and how we respond to that sign says alot about how we will respond to the King.

Savior, Christ the Lord
Rev. Roland Ludlam
Luke's Christmas Story anchors Jesus' birth in the complex world of His time. Even His titles meant different things to different people. In order to live out Luke's Christmas Story, we, too, must make Him Savior and Lord in every aspect of our lives.

You Are My Son
Rev. Roland Ludlam
Did you know that Mark tells the Christmas Story? Each gospel does so in a unique way. As the first gospel to be written, Mark reminds us that Christmas starts in the wilderness and reveals the Son of God.

Promised Land
Rev. Roland Ludlam
John brings us home to the Promised Land. And when we arrive, we find ourselves with the One Who is both the Beginning and the End, learning that the End is not an event, but a person.

Notes for the sixth cycle are at the end of the sermon notes.

Egypt Defeated
Rev. Roland Ludlam
Are you ready for God's call to move out in the Exodus Journey? John issues that call as he sums up the final judgments upon this world's kingdom.

Notes for Wednesday study are at the end of the sermon notes.

The Golden Calf
Rev. Roland Ludlam
Our New Exodus journey will eventually bring us to the decision of who or what will be our God. For Israel, it was the choice between God and a golden calf of their own making. In Revelation 13 we meet the enemy as a seemingly all-powerful and very seductive world power. We face the same choices today.

Note: the study notes for Wednesday evening are at the end of the sermon text.

Call to March
Rev. Roland Ludlam
John's visions of the Seven Trumpets present us with question of why people don't repent even when facing judgment or calamity. The answer is found in God's call for his people to be his witnesses in this world.

Study notes for Wednesday evening are at the end of the sermon notes.

Passover Lamb
Rev. Roland Ludlam
John takes us on a breathtaking ride from the heights of Heaven into the chaos of a world ruled by evil, and back up again to God's Presence. In this second vision cycle we learn Who God is, and how He repairs His creation through His Passover Lamb.

Study notes for Wednesday, October 29th are attached to the sermon notes.

Egypt or Exodus?
Rev. Roland Ludlam
In this message we explore the first of 6 vision cycles in Revelation. We hear Jesus' words to the church living here in this world. Then as now, it faced serious challenges: assimilation to culture, persecution, complacency. And then as now, Christians had to decide whether to go forward on Exodus or go back to Egypt. Small Group Questions are at the end of the sermon notes.

Burning Bush
Rev. Roland Ludlam
We begin a study of John's Book of Revelation with his dramatic vision of Jesus. For John this was his "burning bush" experience that launched his visionary experience of our New Exodus.

Baptism Journey
Rev. Roland Ludlam
God has called us to take the journey that Jesus took from Death to Life. When we are baptized, we identify ourselves with Him and His journey. Our baptism is our Exodus.

God's Tapestry
Rev. Roland Ludlam
God has called us to work with Him to restore people made in His image. It is a work that we do one act of love and kindness at a time. And it is a work that will last forever.

Welcome David & Sharon Faris, Missionaries to Chad
David Faris

The hopeful journey of faith
Rev. Michael Oldham
The hopeful journey of faith requires us to trust God and his plan, even in those times where it makes little or no sense.

Sincerely Yours!
Rev. Roland Ludlam
The one thing that distinguishes followers of Jesus is their love for each other. So just what does that love look like? Paul presents us with 3 core values of love that is sincere.

The Three Levels of Leadership
Rev. Roland Ludlam
God has given you special and unique gifts and talents. More than that, He has made you part of something much greater than yourself -- what Paul calls the Body of Christ. The question is, will you serve Him with all your heart?

Sunny With a Chance of Showers
Rev. Roland Ludlam
Who is your neighbor? Who deserves your love and respect? Who gets to make that choice: you or the God who created you and everyone else?

Love's Revenge
Rev. Michael Oldham
In this passage from the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus is not trying to implement a more demanding way of obeying the Law. He is radically redefining what it means to live as the people of God.

Anything and Everything
Andrew Zemianek
The story of Hosea.

Travel Guide
Rev. Roland Ludlam
Every journey needs a Travel Guide to help us meet our needs, find our way, and travel safely. Listen to how King David introduces us to the only reliable Travel Guide for our Exodus Journey.

Truth or Consequences
Rev. Roland Ludlam
Truth doesn't always seem to work very well in our broken world. Jesus points us to a whole new way of speaking and living as true reflections of our Creator.

God's New Normal
Rev. Roland Ludlam
When it comes to marriage, we are all too used to the old normal of this broken world. Not Jesus! He points the way to a whole new way of being what God made us to be in the first place. Call it "God's New Normal."

Eye Teaming
Rev. Roland Ludlam
Adultery is a story with a beginning and an ending. Jesus warns us not to let the story ever get started. To do so means that we see members of the opposite sex not as objects but as reflections of God's image in this world.

God's Gift of Marriage -- Matthew 5:27
Rev. Roland Ludlam
We've all heard the command: "You shall not commit adultery." But to truly understand its meaning we must know what marriage is from God's point of view. Once we grasp God's purpose in marriage, then we can discover how to bring His life and love into our world and find forgiveness for the ways we have failed.

Journey of the Generations
Pastor Michael Oldham
As Fathers there are three gifts that we can and should give our children. The gift of the Word, of prayer, and of faithfulness and staying power.

Don't squash the Woolly Bear
Pastor Mike Oldham
Having a right relationship with God means that we must have right relationships with each other. Squashing the Woolly bear, or hurting other people violates God's heart and damages the Image Bearer.