Helpful Tips

  1. What if I forgot my email or password?
    You can recover your password if you know the e-mail account used. Please contact us if you need to know the email used for your InFellowship account.

  2. Why can't I find someone in the directory?
    The directory is an opt-in system, which means that only people who choose to be in the directory can be viewed. This allows everyone to choose their own privacy. You can add yourself to the online directory by going to the privacy settings and checking the "Include me in the church directory" box.

  3. I've created an account and features such has groups, directory, and giving history aren't there.
    If the system can't link your InFellowship account to your database record with the church, you won't be able to see your information quite yet. These records get linked every few days or you can contact us to have this processed sooner.

  4. Will my name be in the church directory if I do not registered with inFellowship?
    No, you must have an InFellowship account and check the box to be included in the church directory. If you do not have an inFellowship account you can not access the church directory either.

  5. We only have one email address, can we use one email for multiple family members?
    No, each family member (the exception is minors) will need a separate email address to access their separate accounts.

  6. Can anyone view my information if I register?
    No, only people in our church who have the status of member or attendee in our database can view the directory.

Online Giving

  1. Where do I go to view my giving history?
    Go to the COTR giving page and use the Login link under the slideshow to access your account.

  2. Are there any fees involved with giving online?
    You will not pay any fees with an online gift. Any fees incurred are paid by COTR. However, online gifts are a more cost efficient and convenient way for the church to process donations.

  3. Can I make a one-time contribution?
    Yes, you can either make a one-time contribution or setup a reoccuring gift.

  4. Why are some transactions attributed to my household and others attributed to an individual?
    All online giving transactions are always attributed to the individual InFellowship account that was used to set up and process the transaction. Paper checks processed by the church are typically attributed to the household.

    For situations where you need to show an individual’s giving on a separate statement, select the person in your household that you want to display under the “Contributions for” selector and click "View". Click the “Download statement” link to generate a statement for the person in view.

  5. Can I designate my gift to a particular ministry or account?
    Currently with online giving you can only designate your tithe/offering for general funds that support church wide ministries, staff and general operation of our church. We do continue to accept restricted gifts in the form of cash or check. As we continue to roll out InFellowship we will add in other designations.

  6. Will I still receive a regular year end contribution statement from the church?
    No, all user's that have an InFellowship account can download their contributation statements at anytime.

  7. What is your refund policy?
    COTR may collect fees associated with event registrations and/or supplies associated with those events. To receive a refund for an event, timely advanced notice of cancellation will be required. The church office will make refund decisions on a case by case basis.