Attend COTR Service in person

Starting on June 21, 2020 COTR will open up for in person service for the first time since we had to shut down in March due to the coronavirus. We would like to first start with saying thank you for your continued support to the church, and your efforts in staying connected with one another and encouraging each other as we get through this time together.

While we are excited to open up again, things will look a little different so that we can continue to adhere to the Governor's guidelines and keep everyone as safe as possible. Part of those guidelines require us to only allow 50% capacity in our worship center. We will require everyone to checkin prior to entering the worship center so we can ensure we keep below the approved capacity limit. Please read through the list of what you can expect prior to arriving for service.

If your are sick, symptomatic, or have been in contact with someone that has tested positive for COVID-19, please attend our online service that will start at 9:30am. Online service is also a great option for anyone that falls into the "at-risk" category or have reservations about attending service in person.

The other option for attending service that we now have is to listen to service live in the COTR parking lot. Just tune your car radio to 87.9 and you'll hear everything going on in the worship center. Bring your coffee and a lawn chair! If you choose to listen to the service in the parking lot:

  • There is no sign up required.
  • To be in range of FM transmitter please park in any of the parking lot bays except for the bay by the dumpster.

A message from Pastor Mike on what to expect for Phase 1 reopening