Little Free Gift Boxes | Franklin County and Burlington

Free to Give. Free to Receive.

Little Free Gift Boxes is a ministry started by COTR member, Martin (Marty) Hornick. After serving on the Vision Guatemala short-term mission team, Marty was inspired to do something tangible for the homeless and others in need where he worked in Burlington. He began putting up small wooden boxes that he built and stocked them with practical items that people might need such as winter hats and gloves, toiletries, paper, children's books, and more. Now he has expanded to St. Albans and has plans to place boxes throughout Franklin County. The idea is that anyone is free to give by placing useful items in the boxes and anyone is free to receive by taking what they need from the boxes.

Pray that those in need in our community would be encouraged by the gifts. Pray that people would give generously.

Opportunities: Donate items by placing them in the box near the church entrance or other boxes that you see around the community. Set up a box in your neighborhood. (If the box is not on your own property, please make sure to consult the relevant authorities before putting up a box.)