We are always on mission because God is always on mission. Christ pursues people by being present, pursuing, and proclaiming the message of Jesus Christ. This isn't an agenda, but rather a privilege to bring the presence of Christ into our community, schools, homes, and the special relationships that God has blessed us to have. 


Our Momentum gathering is our large worship experience. We believe it is critical to have an opportunity for students to express their devotion to Christ in a large group gathering. We also find it vitally important that this gathering is relevant to them and their friends. This fulfills our purpose to express and experience Christ in a relevant way that connects with the world of the student. 


Fellowship isn't all fun and games, but we certainly enjoy a good laugh together. We believe that students grow in their faith in Christ when they are in relationship with other followers of Jesus. We find many opportunities for fellowship, but it is expressed deeply in our Squads. Squads are where we share our lives with one another, know each other, share verbally, personalize our faith, encourage and uplift each other, and welcome accountability. 


We ultimately want to see students grow from infancy to adulthood. We believe this is accomplished by being exposed to, experiencing, and expressing Christ. We recognize every student is in a different place in their faith journey. So we believe discipleship is a process to help students take the next step. We have a vision for their future to be committed citizens of the Kingdom of God and believe that is only seen when students take each step very intentionally. 


We want students to discover their gifts and see their value in the context of ministry. We want every student to know how God has wired them and that they can make a valuable contribution to the Kingdom of God.