The King's Banquet
Rev. Roland A. Ludlam

Shelter in the Storm
Rev. Roland A. Ludlam

A New Path
Rev. Roland A. Ludlam

A New Song
Rev. Roland A. Ludlam

Light of the World
Rev. Roland A. Ludlam

Youth Weekend Special Guest Speaker
Zach Marks
Special Guest Speaker from our Ink Youth Group

The Whole-Self
Pastor Rob Awil
What does it mean to be truly human? God dares us to take a journey away from ourselves in order to find ourselves. Its in this way, we discover our design as image-bearers of God.

Streams in the Desert
Rev. Roland A. Ludlam

Rev. Roland A. Ludlam

On Eagles' Wings
Rev. Roland A. Ludlam

Transitions Series: Comparison
Pastor Robert Awil
It's a natural function of the brain to compare things in our experience to make sense of things outside of our experience. What happens when we can't make sense of the transition we're in? We allow the incomparable God to guide us.

For Good Measure
Rev. Roland A. Ludlam

Fork in the Road
Pastor Robert Awil

Father's Day
Dave Southwick
Guest Speaker delivering the sermon for Father's Day

A New Kind of King
Rev. Roland A. Ludlam
When you build a road for the Lord in the desert you will find that He is already waiting for you as the Good Shepherd.

Rev. Roland A. Ludlam
Now what? Ever ask that question? You've left your old life behind, but you don't know what your new life will be like. It's called "being in transition." And it is a vital part of how we become like Jesus.

First Day
Rev. Roland A. Ludlam
What will it be like when we open our eyes for the very first time in God's new creation? Paul gives us a glimpse as he brings us to God's final victory over death itself. And that makes all the difference in the life we're living right now.

Rev. Roland A. Ludlam
What do caterpillars and resurrection have in common? More than you might think. Join us in some caterpillar conversations.

The Journey
Rev. Roland A. Ludlam
The Christian life is a journey with a starting point and a final destination. Lose sight of the destination and you will find yourself the one who is lost.

The Last Enemy
Rev. Roland A. Ludlam
God has a plan to completely restore and renew His wonderful Creation, including you and me. It began with raising Jesus back to life. It won't be completed until He has fully defeated the last enemy: Death. Only then will God be "all in all."

Which Gospel?
Rev. Roland A. Ludlam
Fake News. It's all over the internet. And often it is a clever mixture of the true and the false, designed to mislead the reader. Fake News has been around as long as people have been telling each other stories. Take a look at how Paul dealt with an outbreak of Fake News that threatened to undo God's Good News in Jesus.

Rev. Roland A. Ludlam
Resurrection! We celebrate Jesus' rising from the dead on Easter Sunday. But what does it really mean for you and me? Paul helps us see that Jesus' resurrection is the basis of absolutely everything else. It is nothing less than the beginning of God's New Creation.

The Garden Tomb
Rev. Roland A. Ludlam
How do you like your stories? Neat and tidy? If so, Mark's story of the first people to visit Jesus' tomb will stretch you! The end of Mark's gospel is only the beginning.

Rev. Roland A. Ludlam
There is but one place where heaven and earth overlap: the Cross. To take the journey to that seemingly God-forsaken place is to find God's forgiveness and new life.

Pilate's Palace
Rev. Roland A. Ludlam
All the forces of evil came crashing together when Jesus stood before the Roman governor to learn His fate. It was at that moment that Jesus became ransom for us all.

The High Priest's Palace
Rev. Roland A. Ludlam
"Lead us not into temptation!" The night of Jesus' trial, this could have been Peter's prayer. Instead, he put himself where all he could do was fail. The same does not have to happen to you!

Rev. Roland A. Ludlam