Reset II
Rev. Roland Ludlam
Making a fresh start means living a new story. Nehemiah shows us the way as he and his people reset their relationship with God and His world.
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Reset I
Rev. Roland Ludlam
Ever have to reset your phone to factory settings? It's a big deal, but sometimes it's the only way to make things right. Did you know that the same is true when it comes to our own lives and relationships?
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Feast or Famine?
Rev. Roland Ludlam
How does God want us to respond when someone's feast becomes a famine? Nehemiah faced this challenge in rebuilding Jerusalem and its community. How will we respond?

Rev. Roland Ludlam
For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. What is true in nature is true in the realm of the spirit as well. But God is greater than all the pushback you will ever experience!

Nehemiah #3
Pastor Robert Awil
Sermon 3 in the Series

Time to Rebuild
Rev. Roland Ludlam
Rebuildling begins with a difficult journey through the Valley of Uncertainty. Only when we have had a hard dose of reality can we truly move forward.

Pastor Robert Awil

Dad's Toolkit
Rev. Roland Ludlam
Every dad needs a toolkit when it comes to building a family. So what's in your toolkit?

Truth to Power
Rev. Roland Ludlam
How do you stand firm in the face of opposition? Speak both truth and grace to power!

The Shared Life
Rev. Roland Ludlam
To stand up to the brokenness of this world, Christians must be part of a community that is stronger on the inside than all of the forces around it. How does that happen? Luke shows us what it means to live The Shared Life

The Power Equation
Rev. Roland Ludlam
What can you do when you face opposition, especially opposition to your faith? Luke shows us the way to use God's Power Equation.

Book of Acts
Pastor Robert Awil

Never Enough?
Rev. Roland Ludlam
Ever feel like there's "never enough?" Never enough time, energy, love, patience, for all the things you face as a mom? But watch what happens when Jesus comes into your world.

The Crossfit Church
Pastor Robert Awil

Rev. Roland Ludlam
If you want to cross the bridge from death to life, the first thing you will have to do is turn around!

Lord and Christ
Rev. Roland Ludlam
How can you recognize God's King? The path leads from King David to King Jesus.

The Good News
Rev. Roland Ludlam
How to you make the faith journey from our Present Age to God's wonderful Age to Come? You build a bridge. And how do you build this bridge? Peter shows us the way on Pentecost.

What Are You Waiting For?
Rev. Roland Ludlam
It's a new Time: God's Time. God's Day of rescue and salvation is here right now. So what are you waiting for?

Rev. Roland Ludlam
Life has a way of hiding in unexpected places. And that is precisely what happened on Good Friday. But on Easter morning a messenger from Heaven announced that Jesus had risen from dead. Life was on the loose. And so the quest began to find the One Who is Life. To find Him is our greatest quest, because when we find Him, we finally find ourselves.

The Hidden King
Rev. Roland Ludlam
On Palm Sunday, Jesus came to Jerusalem as the Hidden King. His royalty was there to see -- if you picked up the clues. His royalty is just as present today if we are willing to search for our Hidden King.

Are We There Yet?
Rev. Roland Ludlam
Ever ask the question: Are we there yet? At times we all want to think that the journey is over and we've arrived. But transformation in our lives requires moving forward. This is the only way God can continue to make us more like Jesus.

Bread in the Desert
Rev. Roland Ludlam
How do you  cater a meal for 5000 hungry people? You start by making sure you are in the presence of the God who provides bread in the desert.

The Eye of the Storm
Rev. Roland Ludlam
How do you find the Hidden Life in the middle of life's storms? Join Jesus on a boat ride into the eye of the storm to find out.

No Illusions
Rev. Roland Ludlam
The hidden life in Christ is a life free of illusions. Getting rid of those illusions requires a desert journey!

New World
Rev. Roland Ludlam
When we embrace our new life in Christ, we find ourselves living in a new world -- a foretaste of God's ultimate New Creation. And that means making changes!

The Greatest Quest
Rev. Roland Ludlam
What is your greatest quest? Why did God put you on this earth in the first place? Did you know that your greatest quest is not really about you at all? It's about shining a much brighter Light into a dark world.

Champion for God
Pastor Robert Awil
It's the Superbowl and two teams have given their all for this moment to win a championship. What does victory look like in God's family?